How to Find Hair Colour That Suits Me Best?

If you are looking to improve your appearance, you must be pondering the question, “What hair colour suits me?” Well, your choice of hair colour holds significant weight, alongside other factors such as the skin undertone and your individual style preferences. In the sections below, you will learn how your hair colour complements your overall appearance and offer guidance on how to make the most of your physical traits.

Choose Hair Colour Based on Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone refers to the natural colour of your skin. The type of hair colour you choose can either complement or clash with your skin tone, affecting your overall appearance. When choosing your hair colour, you want to look for one that brightens your complexion or at least creates a harmonious look.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

There are several ways in which you can score your skin tone. Typically, your skin tone can be categorised as cool, warm or neutral. One of the popular methods is using the vein test, which is when you look at the veins inside your forearm or on your wrist in natural light. If the veins appear purplish or bluish, you have a cool skin tone, and if they appear greenish, you have a warm skin tone. However, if you cannot identify either of these two colours, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Best Hair Colour with Warm Skin Tone

If your skin has warm undertones, you want to choose shades that complement your complexion. Some of the hair colour options to consider include golden blonde, honey blonde, and caramel blond. Warm brown and red tones like chocolate brown and strawberry blonde, as well as Warm Balayage or Honey Highlights, are the other options you can choose.

Best Hair Colour With a Cool Skin Tone

For individuals with a cool skin tone, shades like ash blonde and cool brown can add some depth and brightness to the hair, which helps enhance the cool skin tone. Deep black hair can also create a bold contrast against the cool undertones, making it an elegant and timeless option. When seeking hair colouring services, particularly hair highlighting, you should consider cool Balayage or silver/platinum highlights.

Best Hair Colour with Neutral Skin Tone

Unlike the cool or warm skin tones that can be complemented by certain hair shades, a neutral skin tone offers some flexibility. Depending on your unique style and preferences, you can choose from colour options such as golden blonde, soft Balayage, and chocolate brown, to mention a few.

Hair Colour With Neutral Skin Tone

Choose Hair Colour According to Your Eyes Colour

Besides using your skin tone to choose your ideal hair colour, you can also base your decision on your eye colour. But how do you know which hair colour suits you based on your eye colour? Explore some of the general guidelines below:

  • Brown Eyes: Bold hair colours with warm undertones, such as red, chestnut brown and golden blonde, can complement brown eyes well. Black hair and deep chocolate browns are the other options, which can create a nice contrast with brown eyes.
  • Blue Eyes: People with blue eyes are often rated among the most attractive compared to the majority of the population. Both cool and warm tones can perfectly complement blue eyes. You can choose one from shades such as golden blonde, honey blonde, deep brown or chestnut shades, as long as they provide a subtle contrast that enhances your overall look.
  • Green Eyes: It is estimated that approximately 2 percent of the world’s population has green eyes. This makes this eye colour quite rare. Some of the hair colours that suit people with green eyes include red tones, neutral tones, and golden tones. Soft Balayage or highlights in neutral shades can also work fine. The goal is to make the rare green eyes pop with the help of complementary hair colour.
  • Amber Eyes: Ranked among the rarest eye colours, amber eyes are a unique combination of pigmentation and genetics. Some of the hair colours that complement amber eyes include those with shades of caramel blonde, golden undertones, and bronze highlights. You can try any of these shades to find the perfect shade that will enhance the natural warmth of your amber eyes.
  • Hazel Eyes: People with hazel eyes make up around 5 percent of the world’s population. This eye colour tends to reflect the environment the person is in. Hence, they could appear brown, greener or sometimes blue. Hair colours with multi-dimensional lowlights can perfectly complement the tones present in hazel eyes. If you have hazel eyes, consider cool and warm tones, such as caramel and ash-brown highlights.
  • Grey Eyes: If you have grey eyes, it means you have little melanin in your iris but more collagen in the stroma. To complement the natural grey in your eye, opt for a silver grey hair colour or some cool brown tones. Platinum blonde or slate blue hues can also create a harmonious look with your grey eyes.

Choose Hair Colour According to Your Eyes Colour

Consider Personal Style and Lifestyle

As much as you want to match your hair colour to your skin tone and eye colour, you still need to pay attention to your lifestyle and personal preferences. Your hair colour is a form of self-expression. Still, you should be careful not to overdo it, especially if you are in a professional setting where your physical appearance can have an impact on your immediate surroundings. Similarly, consider hair colours whose maintenance requirements match your lifestyle and daily routine. If you are a busy person, choose a hair colour that requires minimal touch-ups.

Changing Hair Colour App

Now that you know what to consider when choosing the ideal hair colour, you must be wondering, what is the best hair colour for me? Well, you may need to try out several options before finding the hair colour that suits your taste and matches your skin tone and eye colour.

The only challenge with this approach is that you don’t want to waste time and money trying out several hair colours only to pick one. Luckily, there are some hair colour pick-up apps that can help you test out and pick the hair colour via a live camera or photo.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right hair colour can enhance your overall looks and attractiveness. This can make you feel good and can have a huge impact on your confidence and self-esteem. If you are not sure which hair colour to choose, consult a professional hair stylist and be sure to communicate your goals, personal style and preferences.

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