How to Find the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

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Your face shape is crucial in determining the ideal hairstyle that will enhance your overall looks. Individuals with oval faces, for instance, have a more balanced proportion and can comfortably choose various hairstyles. On the contrary, people with round faces must select hairstyles that create the illusion of length. In the sections below, you will learn more about the various hairstyles for different face shapes and how to choose your ideal type.

Define Your Face Shapes First

Before deciding on the best hairstyle, you first need to determine the shape of your face. This simple process will take you less than five minutes, provided you know what to look out for. Here are some crucial steps you can follow to determine your face shape:

  • Stand in front of a well-lit mirror and observe your face. You must pull your hair back to see your face’s outline clearly.
  • Identify key features of your face, such as the widest points, forehead, jawline, and cheekbones. Take your time to point out any curves or prominent angles.

Take measures of your face across the forehead, jawlines and cheekbones. You should also note the measurement of your face from the chin to the hairline.

  • Once you have the measurements, compare them to the common face shapes. You can do a quick search across the internet to see the dimensions of the various face shapes. Where possible, sketch out your face while keeping the measurements intact and without distorting the angles and the proportions in relation to these shapes.
  • After drawing a rough sketch, compare your face shape with sketches of oval, heart, square, round and diamond shapes.

Best Hairstyles for Rounded Face

A typical round face has the same or nearly equal length and width dimensions. This face shape is also known as “baby face.” Some of the best hairstyles of a rounded face include deep side parts, side-swept bangs, and a pixie cut with added volume at the top. Pulling the hair up to form a high ponytail can also help create the illusion of an elongated face. However, hairstyles such as wide curls and wispy bangs should be avoided.

Best Hairstyles for Oval Face

While an oval shape is often considered versatile, certain hairstyles complement this face shape better. The length of an oval shape is longer than its width, and the jawline tends to be narrower than the hairline. Side-swept bangs, classic bob, and layers with volume often do a great job of balancing the dimensions of an oval face. Among the hairstyles to avoid if you have this face shape include heavy bangs and one-length hairstyles.

Best Hairstyles for Heart Face

A heart-shaped face can be difficult to tell from an oval shape, but if you look keenly, you’ll realise that people with a heart shape tend to have a narrow chin and more prominent cheekbones. The hairline also happens to be the widest part of the face. If you have a heart shape, the best hairstyles include shoulder-length lobs, layered pixie cuts and deep side parts with loose waves.

Best Hairstyles for Diamond Face

A diamond face is rare and often confused with a square face. This face shape is characterised by a forehead and a jawline of the same width. However, the cheekbones are slightly wider than the other parts of the face. Some of the best hairstyles for a diamond face include short, textured lobs, sleek high ponytail and long, side-swept bangs. On the other hand, avoid straight-across bangs and heavy-rounded bangs.

Best Hairstyles for Square Face

Individuals with square faces often have cheekbones, jawlines, and foreheads of the same width. This face shape is also characterised by a strong and angled jawline. Straight hair with long layers and short bangs that hit the cheekbones work well with a square face. Hairstyles to avoid if you have this face shape include thick bangs, wide curls, and slick back looks.

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Hairstyles for Square Face

How to Ensure Your Hairstyle Complements Your Face Shape

One of the main reasons you should know your face shape before choosing a hairstyle is to create balance and proportion by accentuating certain features and minimising others. After determining your face shape and the ideal hairstyle, you should narrow down your options by comparing and contrasting the options against your personal taste and preferences. The other factors to keep in mind are the hair texture, volume and length. Below is a detailed overview:

Importance of Hair Texture and Volume

Hair texture is crucial when trying to complement your face shape. Thick and voluminous hair can help balance a narrow face. On the other hand, volume adds width and balance to a narrow face. For example, a hairstyle with volume at the crown can help balance a longer face shape. Similarly, you can soften angular features with layers to complement a square face.

Length Matters: Short vs. Long Hair for Different Face Shapes

The length of your hair, just like its volume, can significantly impact how it complements the face shape. If you have a square or round face, a shorter hairstyle can create the illusion of length, elongating the face. On the other hand, long hairstyles can add proportion and a touch of femininity to your overall look.

That said, a specific hairstyle can also conceal or emphasise special facial features. Side-swept bangs, for example, are often used to draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes while at the same time minimising the width of the forehead on heart-shaped faces.

Here are the other ways in which a person’s face shape influences their hairstyle:

  • A specific hairstyle can help create the illusion of a more ideal face shape. This alters the perception of length, width or angles. You can choose, for instance, a hairstyle with volume at the sides to make a round face appear more oval-shaped.
  • You can use a hairstyle to enhance natural features. An example is using curls to soften the angles of a square face or straight styles to highlight the symmetry of an oval face.
  • Beyond aesthetics, your unique hairstyle can also reflect that personal style and identity.

Why a Hair Consultation Can Make All the Difference

Having discussed the various face shapes and how to choose an ideal hairstyle to complement the look, it goes without saying that a hair consultation session with a hairstylist is still an important step to take. Due to their extensive training and hands-on expertise on the various hair types, hairstylists can offer personalised advice on your unique preferences, goals and lifestyle.

During this consultation session, you can ask questions and even request the stylist to assess your hair texture and skin tone before making recommendations on the specific hairstyles, hair colours and treatments tailored to enhance your natural beauty. Through such a thorough consultation, you can visualise your potential hairstyle and discuss different styling techniques.

The rock and roll hairstyles, for instance, are often characterised by a bold and edgy look that exudes attitude and confidence. This style can work with most face shapes, but it takes visualisation and expert analysis of the other facial attributes to make the proper judgement.
Additionally, if you are experiencing any hair-related concerns, such as thinning or damage, your stylist will address such issues. You will also get recommendations as to which treatments and products to use.

Whether you want help determining your face shape, choosing the ideal hairstyle or resolving any hair health issues, working with an expert hair stylist is the way to go. A hair consultation is a valuable step in achieving your desired hairstyle. Book a session with an expert hair stylist today to enjoy customised recommendations, expert advice, and accurate visualisation of potential styles.

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