How Much Does it Cost to Dye Hair in Australia?

Most people dye their hair to enhance their looks by covering up grey hair, adding depth to natural hair colour, or creating a dramatic transformation for a new look. Others, however, dye their hair to express creativity and individuality. Either way, the results should contribute to self-confidence and personal satisfaction. Before considering this hair styling technique, you may be wondering how much it costs to dye hair in Australia. We have answered this question in detail in the sections below.

Average Cost of Hair Dyeing in Australia

The cost of dyeing hair at a salon in Australia varies depending on the salon’s location, the stylist’s expertise, and the specific services requested. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $250 for a basic single-process colour treatment. However, these prices can increase for more complex services like highlights, Balayage, or ombre, ranging from $150 to $400 or even more.

Factors Influencing the Price of Hair Dyeing

As highlighted above, several factors contribute to variations in the hair dyeing cost. Understanding these factors is crucial for determining the overall cost and ensuring you receive the best services for your investment. These factors include:

Salon’s Reputation and Location

High-end salons with luxurious amenities often charge premium prices for their services. Clients may be willing to pay a premium for the perceived quality and personalised attention offered by upscale establishments. The geographic location of the salon also impacts pricing. Salons in major cities or upscale neighbourhoods typically charge higher rates than those in suburban areas or smaller towns. This is often due to differences in operating expenses and demand.

Stylist’s Skills and Expertise

The experience and skill level of the stylist play a crucial role in determining the cost of hair dyeing. Senior hair stylists with extensive training and a reputation for excellence often command higher prices than junior and less experienced professionals.

Hair Length and Thickness

The hair thickness and length often determine the amount of hair colouring products needed and the time required to complete the dyeing process. If your stylist charges per hour or based on the amount/units of hair products used, you may incur a slightly higher fee.

Hair Length and Thickness

Complexity of the Expected Colour Change

Custom colours and intricate colouring techniques, such as correcting previous dye jobs, require more time and expertise, thus commanding higher prices. The quality and type of hair dye used will also impact pricing. Salons often offer a range of dye options, from standard products to premium brands. The pricing will be higher if you choose products with superior colour longevity and conditioning properties.

Additional Services

Extra treatments such as deep conditioning or glossing may be recommended to enhance the final result or maintain your hair’s health. These supplementary services incur additional charges, contributing to the overall cost of the hair dyeing session.

Popular Hair Dyeing Techniques and Pricing

Before deciding to dye your hair, here is a quick overview of how hair colouring prices vary based on the dyeing techniques.


This is a hand-painted hair highlighting technique that creates a natural-looking and sun-kissed glow on your hair. The results are softer and less noticeable regrowth lines. Every salon has its pricing structure, but you can expect to pay between $150 and $400 for the service.


If you are in for a bolder look, highlights would be the ideal dyeing technique. The process involves adding lighter strands of colour throughout the hair to create a more distinct contrast. Most people often compare balayage vs highlights as the two main colouring techniques before exploring the other options. It’s worth noting that the pricing for highlights can start at around $90 for partial highlights and from $150 to about $300 for full highlights.

lady and the hair

Highlights Hair


Hair foiling is a technique where sections of hair are divided and wrapped in a foil before colour is applied to achieve controlled and precise results. Half-foil highlights cost about $150, while full-foil highlights cost between $200 and $300.


This colouring technique involves blending two or more colours with a gradient effect from the hair roots to the ends. The cost of ombre hair colouring varies from around $150 to $300.


As the name suggests, these are finely woven and delicate highlights that mimic natural, sun-kissed strands common in children’s hair. The average cost of baby light colouring ranges from $100 to $200.


This is a short form of “soft ombre.” Sombre colouring is a more subtle version of the ombre hair colouring technique. The cost of sombre colouring lies between $100 and $300.

Are There Any Additional Costs Associated with Hair Dyeing, Such as Consultations or Treatments?

Now that you know the average hair dyeing cost in Australia, you should keep in mind that you may incur additional costs during a full service. Here are some you should be aware of:

  • Consultation fee: Some salons may charge a consultation fee, especially for more in-depth discussions about complex colour changes or corrective treatments. This fee typically covers the stylist’s time and expertise in assessing your hair condition, discussing your desired outcome, and providing recommendations.
  • Additional Treatments: Services like deep conditioning, glossing, or toning may be recommended to enhance the colour result and improve your overall hair health. These treatments incur extra charges depending on the specific products used and the salon’s pricing structure.
  • Aftercare Products: Investing in colour-safe hair care products is key to maintaining the vibrancy and health of your newly dyed hair. These products, such as colour-safe shampoos and leave-in treatments, may be recommended by your stylist and can contribute to your overall hair dyeing expenses.

Tips for Saving Money on Hair Dyeing

If you want to save money while still getting the best hair dyeing services, you need to have a budget. Besides budgeting for hair dyeing services, here are the other money-saving tips to consider:

  • Research salon pricing and services to find one that fits your budget. Where possible, look for salons that offer discounts or promotions.
  • Opt for basic hair colouring services such as partial highlights, half-foil highlights, etc.
  • Stretch-out appointments with your hair stylist to minimise the frequency of touch-ups. During this time, you can opt for minor DIY touch-ups. This should, however, be done with caution to avoid any mishaps.

Cost Comparison: Salon vs At-Home Hair Dyeing in Australia

When it comes to cost comparison between professional and DIY hair colouring, the latter is cheaper, but the results may not be as high quality or durable as one would expect. That said, estimating hair dyeing expenses can be tricky unless you have a hair dyeing cost breakdown like the one below.

Cost Components Salon Hair Dyeing At-Home Hair Dyeing
Initial Cost Higher, typically ranging from $100 to $400 or more, depending on the services offered and the salon’s location/reputation. Lower upfront cost, usually between $10 and $50 for a box of hair dye.
Additional Expenses May include consultation fee (if applicable), additional treatment cost (e.g., deep conditioning, glossing), and cost of aftercare products. You need to purchase multiple boxes for longer or thicker hair. There is a potential need for additional tools or supplies (e.g., gloves, mixing bowl, etc.)
Maintenance Cost Regular touch-up appointments – Maintenance products (e.g., colour-safe shampoo, conditioner) More frequent touch-ups due to potential colour fading. Any mishaps could result in costly repairs. You still need to purchase shampoos and conditioners.
Total Cost Over Time May be higher due to professional application and maintenance. May be lower initially but can add up over time with frequent touch-ups and repurchases.


Having discussed everything from the hair dyeing service fees to the additional maintenance cost, deciding which hair colouring service to choose should be more straightforward. Contact our team for guidance if you need help choosing the right hair colouring or styling service.

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